EscrimeLiban Goes Trilingual

To celebrate its 6 months birthday, EscrimeLiban is going trilingual. The articles published on the blog will now be available in Arabic, French and English.

The interface language will however remain French as it’s much simpler to build on previous work instead of doing it all over again. French is actually the official language of the discipline in terms of refereeing of international championships and Olympic Games.

Technically, the page will offer its visitors the option of choosing the language they prefer in the top of the right column. Our e-mail notifications will also include three different links to the respective versions published.

The initiative relies solely on the efforts of zealous fencers’ parents: Sahar Charara Beydoun (responsible for articles in English), and Joe Moukarzel (for Arabic) are joining their input to that of Nagi Ghorra, (webmaster of EscrimeLiban and French copywriter) to make EscrimeLiban reach further publics in the MENA countries and the rest of the concerned world.

Additional photos from the Arab championship, December 2009, Damascus – Syria were added.

L'équipe féminine victorieuse - Damas - décembre 2009

The winning women’steam, Damascus, Syria, December 2009

Maître Souhail Saad honoré par la FIE - Damas - décembre 2009

Maitre Souhail Saad, honored by the International Fencing Federation Damascus, Syria, December 2009

2 Responses to EscrimeLiban Goes Trilingual

  1. Luiz Ribeiro says:

    Good luck and happy new year! Welcome to the fencing world in the net!

    • EscrimeLiban - ng says:

      10X Luis, Same to you. I’ll put the link of on EscrimeLiban. Your comments (and remarks) are welcome.

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