1– The Organizer:

Lebanon Fencing Federation under the Supervision of West Asia Fencing Federation.

2- Date and place of the championship:

The venue will be held in Beirut – Lebanon from December 20 to 24, 2012.

3- Participation in the Championship:

The Participation is open for all West Asia Fencing Federation members.

4- Championship Rules and laws

  • The championship will be organized as per the FIE and WAFF rules
  • Last approved FIE rules will be followed, and for any changes will have to be approved during the head of teams meeting
  • Each country can participate in three weapons (épee, foil , saber )
  • Each country can participate with a team consisting of three fencer + one for each weapon
  • Each fencer should have his country flag on his clothes

5- Equipments

Approved FIE equipments applies.

6- The Technical Committee

It is responsible for managing the championship technically, and consist of Head of committee nominated by the WAFF and four members , one of them from the hosted country, all of whom will be named during the head of teams meeting.

7- Refereeing

  • Refereeing will be supervised by WAFF referee committee, witch will consist of three members, and the head to be named by the WAFF and two members one of them from the hosting country during the head teams meeting.
  • Only Licensed referees can participate, and each country should bring at least one referee with ten fencers, and two referees for more than 10 fencers, noting that the country that doesn’t bring a referee will be charged US$ 300 fine for each referee.
  • Countries whom do not have referees should inform us ahead of time to do the necessary arrangements.

8- Participation Fees

Participation fees is US$ 20.00 for individual and US$ 50.00 for each weapon team.

9- Awards

First: Gold Medal
Second: Silver Medal
Third: Bronze Medal
Fourth: Bronze Medal

 10- Accommodation & Transportation

  • Each participant country is responsible for food and accommodation for his team member, Lebanon Fencing Federation will be responsible for the whole transportations.
  • WAAF and Lebanon Fencing Federation are responsible for countries which booked through them, and a fine of US$ 500.00 will have to be paid from each country who accommodates in non-approved hotel.

11- Visa

All participants passports copies are to be sent promptly  to Lebanon Fencing Federation before December 5th, 2012.


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