Testimony from Amgad Badawi, Mona & Zain Shaito fencing Coach

Mona Shaito, Amgad Badawi & Zain Shaito - Wakayama - Japan - april 2012

Mona Shaito, Amgad Badawi & Zain Shaito - Wakayama - Japan - april 2012

I’m very proud to be the Lebanese National coach at the Asian Fencing championship at Wakayama, Japan to coach the best group of fencers willing to earn the best results ever. I’m very proud to say that all the countries in Asia start realize that the Lebanese fencers came to Japan to compete and win not just as a numbers.

Mona Shaito Foil fenced as an Olympian, in her pool fenced against Nam (Korean Fencer and one of the best Foil Fencers in the world) at the round of 32 Mona defeated Vietnamese fencer 15-6 , at the round of 16 Mona fenced a Japanese fencer , Mona scored 2 nice touches at the defect area at the Japanese target to lose in overtime 7-6, Mona and myself droved the Italian coach who coach the Japanese foil team crazy (I felt sorry for the Referee to deal with me and the Japanese coach).

Dominique Tannous Epee is 15 years old but at her pool she fenced unexpected performance with all the fencers, she fenced the Chinese #1 in the world and she scored one tough with high blade action, Dominique ended her pool with 3 Victories to be by the round of 64 and move to the round of 32 to Fence very high experienced fencers to do her best but Dominique still 15 years old and she in her way to be the best epee fencer . Dominique earned her firs 6 international senior points.

Alessandro Michon Epee had a very strong pool with the top 3 epee fencers in Asia, Alessandro Fenced his best in pool to finish seeding 45 but he was unbelievable fencers at the round of 64 to defeat #21 seeding with 15-3 score and he continue to surprise us with his performance at the round of 32 to defeat # 13 seeding 15-10 to move to the round of 16 to fence against #4 seeding, Alessandro continued his high performance but again the experience made different in fencing.

Zain Shaito Foil proved to every fencers at the event that he is the best to qualify to the Olympic when he defeated every fencers in his pool including the Korean #11 in the world, at round of 32 zain win his bout 15-6 then he fenced a fencers from Japan, Zain drive the Japanese coach crazy again, Zain I’mso proud of your performance proud to coach you.

Andy Osman Foil has a very very strong poll to finish #30 seeding then he fence very strong at the round of 64 but he had a bad luck.

Alexandra Tannous Saber fenced very strong with very high performance at the Olympic qualifier to reach the round of 8, Alexandra will continue her strong performance tomorrow at the Asian championship but I have to leave tomorrow so Alex will not have the crazy Lebanese coach running everywhere, scream to his fencers to fight for each tough and giving the referee hard time.

I’m so proud to coach the Lebanese fencers and be a part of that team

Escrime : Mona Shaïto représente le Liban au Championnats d’Asie Juniors et Cadets

Mona ShaitoMona Shaïto, 16 ans, qui a récemment remporté la médaille de bronze au fleuret aux jeux olympiques juniors et cadets ainsi que la médaille d’or des championnats nord-américains, va représenter le Liban aux Championnats d’Asie d’Escrime Juniors et Cadets qui se déroulent du 4 au 13 mars 2011 à Bangkok en Thailande. Mona participe à la catégorie Fleuret Féminin Cadet et Fleuret Féminin Junior. Elle a de réelles chances de médaille d’or !

Rita Aboujaoudé, championne du Liban en titre, est aussi du voyage et participe quant à elle aux épreuves de Fleuret Féminin Cadet et Épée Féminin Cadet.

Bonne chance à toutes les deux !

Notons au passage que le président de la Fédération Libanaise d’Escrime, M. Ziad Chouéri, accompagne nos deux jeunes championnes et qu’il va présenter, au cours de l’assemblée générale de la FIE, un dossier de candidature pour l’organisation des Championnats d’Asie Senior 2013 à Beyrouth – Liban. Les résultats du vote seront connus dimanche prochain et je vous tiendrais au courant de tous les résultats.

Mona Shaito médaille d’or des jeux olympiques junior au fleuret !

Article paru sur le site http://usfencing.org, par Nicole Jomantas

Mona Shaito (à gauche) remportant 15-12 la finale face à Sarah Taffel

Mona Shaito (à gauche) remportant 15-12 la finale face à Sarah Taffel (Photo: Nicole Jomantas)

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Sixteen-year-old Mona Shaito (Garland, Texas) has travelled around the world in her pursuit of becoming one of the top junior foil fencers on the international scene, but on Saturday she had a rare occurrence – the opportunity to win gold just 20 minutes from home.

Shaito successfully defended her 2010 Junior Olympic title in the U17 cadet division on Saturday as she won 13 bouts to earn the gold medal in front of friends and family at the Dallas Convention Center.
“I’ve been working hard and I feel like it paid off in this tournament,” said Shaito who defeated Sara Taffel (New York City, N.Y.), 15-12, in the final. “It’s different because it’s really hard to set your mentality when you’re not in a hotel like I’m used to being in. You’re sleeping in your own house and then you have to wake up and go to a tournament, but it’s good.  I like it.  I live like 20 minutes away, so it’s really great being able to go home after this.”
A seventh-place finisher at the 2010 Cadet World Championships, Shaito also will compete on Monday in the U20 junior division as she looks to secure her slot at the 2011 Junior and Cadet Worlds in Jordan next month. […]

Escrime : Session d’examen d’arbitrage en Jordanie

Fencing Confederation Of AsiaLa Confédération Asiatique d’Escrime – Fencing Confederation Of Asia – organise une session d’examen pour arbitres d’escrime (3 armes) entre le 6 et le 9 aout 2010 à Amman – Jordanie.

Informations, conditions et contacts ici…

Fencing Style Fashion with khaled El Masri

Khaled El Masri - Spring Summer 2010 collection

The more I work with women and dress their dreams and desires, the more I realize how uncatchable, diverse and secretive they are.

Khaled El Masri - Collection printemps été 2010

While surfing the net about fencing-related issues, I stumbled upon a very interesting finding: Khaled el Masri’s Spring Summer 2010 collection.

Khaled El Masri - Collection printemps été 2010

The odds were that he was a fellow-Lebanese, whose pursuit of his passion for fashion took him places. He studied fashion design at the Instituto Marangoni then worked at Gianfraco Ferre‘s for 2 years.

Khaled El Masri - Collection printemps été 2010

His latest collection is dedicated to fencing.

Khaled El Masri - Collection printemps été 2010

I was always been fascinated by this sport: the grace of its postures, its moves. Through this collection, I wanted to convey my souvenirs and sensations.

Khaled El Masri - Collection printemps été 2010

He was thrilled to learn that the Arab Championship for the Juniors and Cadets will take place in Lebanon. And though he didn’t promise to make it to the games, he offered to support the event and help contribute to its success.

Khaled El Masri - Collection printemps été 2010

If you decide to host a gala dinner, I could always arrange for a fashion show of the collection that he called « the Secretive… which Khaled unveils » inspired from fencing.

Khaled El Masri - Collection printemps été 2010

Fencing: International Child Cup 2010 – Antalya – Turkey

The Turkish Fencing Federation has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in “the International Child Cup” which will be held on 22-25 April 2010 in Antalya / Kemer.

International Child Cup 2010


  • Boys and girls (under 11 years)-1999,2000,2001 foil, epee and sabre
  • Boys and girl( under 13) 1997-2001 foil, epee and sabre


  • 22-25 April 2010


  • Antalya-Kemer/    TURKİYE


  • Kemer Sport Hall in Kemer / ANTALYA

ORGANIZER:Turkish Fencing Federation

  • Turkish Fencing Federation, Ankara/Turkey


The tournament is open for participants from all countries

  • Boys and girls( under 11 years)-1999,2000,2001 foil, epee and sabre
  • Boys and girl( under 13) 1997-2001 foil, epee and sabre


You can make your inscription till 01 April 2010

All the details, programme and regulation are here…

Escrime : International Child Cup 2010 – Antalia – Turquie

La fédération d’escrime turque organise une compétition internationale intitulée : « International Child Cup 2010 ». Cette compétition se déroulera du 22 au 25 avril 2010 à Antalya / Kemer en Turquie.
International Child Cup 2010

Turkish Fencing Federation

Organisateur :

Turkish Fencing Federation

Catégories :

Les escrimeurs du monde entier sont les bienvenus à participer à ce championnat et peuvent s’inscrire suivant 2 catégories d’âge :

  • Garçons et Filles (moins de 11 ans : nés en 1999, 2000 et 2001 – Fleuret, Épée, Sabre
  • Garçons et Filles (moins de 13 ans : nés entre 1997 et 2001 – Fleuret, Épée, Sabre

Délai d’inscription :

1er avril 2010

Programme détaillé et modalités d’inscription (en anglais)

Our fencing gear is finally here!

A much needed stock of fencing gear was offered to the Sports Club of Mont La Salle by the Lebanese Fencing Federation (LFF) on January 15th. Lire la suite

Trying your hand at fencing

Looks like 2010 will be quite active on the fencing scene. The fencing club of Mont La Salle offered several new recruits their first training session.

Introduction to Fencing

Introduction to Fencing

Club coach Imad Nahas attended the newcomers at the initiation event while Roland Sarnouk took the beginners in charge. The champions in-the-making were coached by Fadi Tannous.

Fendez-vous !

Fendez vous !

Calendrier d’entraînement de la période de fêtes

Chers amis escrimeurs, le calendrier des entraînements d’escrime du club Mont La Salle durant la période des fêtes de fin d’année sera comme suit : Lire la suite

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